BiPTT is the ideal choice for companies that want to replace radios for team communication. Advantageous for companies and managers because its organization is free of the restrictions of apparatuses and bureaucratic contractions of the conventional radios. It is also able to serve small, medium and large organizations with application for PCs and notebook windows, for centralized administration and control of users.
It is also advantageous for users:


User and permissions management

You can limit the possibilities of choosing or changing channels and the users of your team, only for the channels in which this user has predefined access permission.

Geolocation and Itinerary

Track the users' location and check who is online or offline. This monitoring can be done through the Manager platform and the mobile, for users with an Admin profile.

Central operation mode

In this mode, users with an Admin profile are considered as "Operation Centers" and calls to groups are transmitted only to those Centers, which in turn can transmit to all users of the channel. This feature is widely used by transport teams, where a central passes a call to a group of drivers and the answers are heard only by the Central, providing less polluted and more controlled communication for all.

Call recording

The calls made by the team are recorded and accessed in the Manager for any queries and replays, usually used in confirmation or audit of information and security procedures.


"We needed a tool that would allow both individual communication and closed groups, without running the risk of information leakage, but at the same time, be agile, dynamic and with good voice quality. We did the migration nine months ago and the communication is much more efficient than before."

Antonio Alexandre Frizani Junior Coordinator of Infrastructure and Telecommunication - Blue Angels

“Prior to integration with the current supplier, the industry used HT radio communication, but there were many problems with the instability of the equipment. We also did not have any geolocation software. For these reasons, we have opted to contract BiPTT instant communication system, which also offers operational team management tools.”

Lucas Araujo Director of Supply - Tateti

“The process was carried out in an accelerated manner. In just 24 hours, teams were already having access to the application. 40 people currently use the app. The expectation is to extend to more employees until the end of the semester.”

Miguel Lino IT Manager - Ecco Salva