Target Solutions has entered into an important partnership with the multinational Stromasys, a reference company in Server Legacy Emulation solutions. Their primary goal in their solutions is to extend the lifecycle of legacy enterprise systems by virtualizing, modernizing, and enhancing legacy legacy platforms. Stromasys virtualization solutions enable the user to replace old hardware with a virtualized environment, and move the software stack to increase performance, reducing costs and risks, all at once and in a matter of days.
Stromasys is the pioneer of legacy server emulation solutions for corporate multiplatforms, providing modern infrastructure for legacy applications running on the PDP-11, Digital VAX and Alpha, HP 3000 and SPARC servers. The company extends the life cycle of enterprise and mission-critical systems through virtualization, modernization and system improvement. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the company has sales offices and engineering, development and research labs located throughout the world, and has already implemented more than 7,000 solutions for leading companies worldwide in more than 50 countries.
Some of the advantages of Stromasys Server Legacy Emulation solutions:


Decrease in service interruptions:

With our team solving IT problems will be much faster, so it does not detract from the progress of your business.

Core Business focus:

By outsourcing IT services, your company can focus all your efforts on your core business and customers.


“The Target team is competent, proactive and available. Our partnership is consolidated as our clients recognize the excellence of our work in projects carried out with Target."

André Cruz Project Manager - Nokia