Web DSL Tools - WDT

  • Problem: Telecom company needed to optimize the service to solve xDSL access problems of its users, and improve the efficiency of inventory management of the broadband access plan.

    Solution: Supply and deployment of Web DSL Tools, whose main functionalities used in this project were 1) the management of multivendors equipment through different protocols (SNMP, TL1, CORBA, CLI), and 2) multivendor and its levels of use from the network point of view.

    Benefits: Greater speed and reliability in the attendance and consequent improvement of customer satisfaction in the Telecom company.

System for Transport Networks - SRT

  • Problem: Information regarding the transmission network of the telecom company was registered in several inventory systems and various systems of Elements Management of the various suppliers, not allowing integration of information, as well as georeferenced map assembly with the network topology, to support the planning process for expansion of the transmission network.

    Solution: Supply and implementation of the System for Transport Networks (SRT), whose main objective for this project was to make feasible the improvement of Transmission Network planning, through the support of the registration of radio links in Anatel and creation of network topology, in order to facilitate transmission planning, identifying bottlenecks, and network optimization points.

    Benefits: By consolidating the various databases into a single tool, collaborative planning for the entire geographically distributed team of Engineers and Specialists was enabled, with the support of consolidated calculations and specialized reports on a single platform, improving quality, control and efficiency of the entire transmission network planning process.

Push-to-Talk Voice Communication- BiPTT

  • Problem: A Public Transport Company needed a voice communication solution for its work teams that did not depend on the telephone networks, whose quality in some areas of coverage was unsatisfactory, allowing instantaneous, stable and managed communication, taking advantage of the availability of WiFi network already in operation.

    Solution: Providing and deploying of BiPTT, which enabled the connection of different mobile devices and PCs, transforming Smartphones and Tablets into next-generation mobile radios, enabling the communication between work teams in an instantaneously stable and independent of the telephone network.

    Benefits: BiPTT enabled a number of benefits, such as: reduction of fixed costs, greater use and return for WiFi networks, greater security of communications and information between users and work teams.

OSS Smart Mediator - OSM

  • Problem: Telecom company needed to integrate systems with heterogeneous protocols to transmit information to OSS systems.

    Solution: Provision and implementation of OSS Smart Mediator (OSM), whose main functionality used in this project was to act as a JAVA mediator for the conversion of network alarms received from an equipment management using CORBA protocol for an OSS (HP TeMIP) system with SNMP protocol.

    Benefits: Enable the deployment of equipment and software from a NEP (Network Equipment Provider), in addition to contributing to an acceleration of the process of homologation of a new network technology.