Who are we?

Wellcome to Target Solutions

Target Solutions is an Information and Communication Technology company focused on providing products, services, support and software solutions for planning and management of telecommunications and IT networks.

Quality Policy

We create and provide intelligent solutions for the market of internet providers and telecommunications network planning, using the most current technologies in this fast-changing market. We continuously research and evolve our technologies and work processes. Quality, fulfillment of commitments, respect for the human being and the environment is part of our culture and attitude.

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  • Be the company's reference and technical authority in network planning solutions for transmission and intelligence of broadband network services.


  • Provide smart products and solutions to serve the market of Internet service providers and telecommunications networks in their increasing technological challenges and potential for disruption.


We like challenges

Our inspiration is to turn challenges into achievements.

We always want more

We believe that extraordinary results are born of the daring of thinking beyond and of the high technical potential to perform.

We share success

Our success is determined by the success of our customers, partners and employees.

We cultivate relationships

We believe that the foundation of lasting relationships lies in trust and responsibility in what we speak and do.

Our Team

Our team stands out for its commitment, experience and passion in what it accomplishes. A committed and efficient team is born of the vision of committed and efficient leaders. Target Solutions has a team of experienced professionals who stand out not only for their commitment, but also for their experience and passion. Meet our team.

About the Brand

  • Integrate parts to achieve a goal: this is our specialty. The tangram is a very old Chinese puzzle, whose name means "Table of the 7 wisdoms". It is composed of seven geometric pieces of different sizes, called tans, which can be positioned to form more than 5,000 figures. The game consists of using all the pieces without overlapping them, forming the figure proposed in the challenge. For each challenge, there is only one solution. Inspired by this smart and creative game was that Target Solutions founded its logo, after integrating "pieces" to achieve a goal is our specialty. Our systems integration projects always consider all the "pieces of the game," from new systems to legacy systems. Our team has high technical capacity to develop the unique and exclusive solution for each project. We choose the arrow as our geometric figure because we are committed to the results and success of our clients.

Our Clients


"Fluminense always values its relationships with suppliers. And for that reason, it has started a partnership with Target, because we cherish responsibility and promptness in the processes of care and delivery that Target provides us. Target service is fast. Target helps us maintain our equipment with the quality and reliability that gives the organization agility in data processing and durability of equipment with guaranteed and reliable lifespan."

Marcelo Porto Vice-presidente of IT