SRT supports Service Providers in the continuous planning of their Transmission Networks, helps Engineers to plan, quickly and accurately, optimizing investments in extensions and evolutions, reducing the cost per GB. In addition, it supports the managers to have a consolidated and updated view of the Network and evolutions in progress, also supporting the main technologies and vendors of the market, being able to optimize to the maximum the investments in expansion and evolution of transport networks.
Our differentials: Used by Oi and Claro; 26% of Anatel registered stations; 60,000+ Radio Links; 15,000 + Models of Antennas and Radios; 12,000 + Elements of optical network.


Network information obtained directly from management

Simulation of traffic flow for use of idle capacity

Planning radio links with profile calculation

Supports leading technologies and vendors on the market.


“Target has been an excellent business partner for the implementation of systems integration projects, having as a differential the strong commitment to the final result and efficiency in the delivery of our projects. Its professionals stand out in the market for high technical qualification and great availability to meet our demands.”

Thierry Duc Professional Services OSS/BSS Manager - Nokia